Our wholesale option is available exclusive to our Candle Collection.


All Candles are handcrafted, hand-poured, designed and made within the UK.

We design each of our candles to have intentions/healing purposes or properties so they serve a purpose to someone wherever they may be along their spiritual path. All candles are made with love from our whole team at Aurora In Bloom!

We also know how much products, of any kind, are influenced by other peoples energy, so we make sure all our candles are given a Reiki blessing by our Reiki masters before they leave the door!

How It Works

Our wholesale options is only available on Candles which are 30cl (4oz) and above in size.

These candles are made and sold in batches of 15.

Minimum order quantity = 15

For your first order with us you can choose which candles you would like to sample within the batch. Any future orders you place with us after this will consist of ONE specific candle finish per batch. 

Invoices will be sent through PayPal and must be paid within 24hrs of purchase. We cannot begin making your order until all payments are cleared!

Shipping will be calculated when placing your order, this is calculated on weight. 

By placing an order with us you are responsible for these shipping charges and all applicable custom important fees.

Email us at aurorainbloom@gmail.com OR fill out the form below for a quicker response!

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