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All your favourites back in stock as well as some very requested new releases!

The purest intentions and energy went in to creating these products, they are handcrafted with only the most natural/organic products to leave you feeling uplifted and re-aligned.


Magic Intention Candles

Crystal/herb infused candles made with vegan/organic soy wax and pure essential oils. These candles are specifically designed to promote and enhance energy healing through each chakra. They bring in and channel the energy of each chakra to bring balance and alignment.

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Manifestation is one of the key elements of spirituality.

Most people on their spiritual path have some knowledge on manifestation or are looking to learn more about it.

With that in mind we have developed this collection to provide you with all the tools you will need to enhance your manifestation powers! 

A lot of careful thought and consideration has gone into this collection to ensure we have accommodated every aspect of your manifestation journey.

About Us

Beautiful Products, High Vibrations

In 2020, Aurora In Bloom was created by Emily & Chelsea.

It was designed to create a safe space to learn and grow through your spirituality. We aim to provide quality products that will help beginners in the crystal community to start or expand their collection. The needs of our loyal shoppers are always at the forefront of our products. Since day one, a genuine love and passion for helping others on their spiritual journey has defined who we are and what we do. Everything we do is to ensure our customers’ shopping experience is enjoyable and satisfactory. Get in touch to learn more about Aurora In Bloom.

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Shipping Worldwide

At Aurora In Bloom, we want to offer a one stop shop to anyone around the world seeking growth and healing by enhancing their spirituality. We opened our store for those who are new to holistic healing through the use of the items we sell. From our own experience we understand how overwhelming this can be! That is why we are always trying to make the experience easy; providing knowledge of how to use our products, which are affordable, lasting and beautiful. We are committed to assisting you in finding the items you’re looking for and will be there for your every need. Please don’t hesitate to send us a message if you need any help at all!

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